Jacques is a lover of life and a seeker of Light.

If you have the privilege of meeting him, you will understand that these two attributes are intimately and inseparably intertwined. His ardour for life is contagious (and all-encompassing): it spills over the brim of every conversation, it pours its beauty into every photograph, it is baked into every loaf of bread. He has traversed deep valleys and he has shouted from mountain tops, and it is this cognisance of the exquisiteness of life that he breathes into every picture he takes.

His work is nuanced with both vitality and fragility – a testament of personal battles fought, and victories won, and it has only multiplied his gift to capture memories with subtlety that whispers of the stories, the emotions, the lives lived behind the images

Jacques is living his best life in Stilbaai, alongside his beautiful, resilient, and talented wife, Marize and their chubby-cheeked boy, James — alongside the feline trio that is Tilly, Grace and Benji. Jacques has an avid appreciation for nature. You will often find him fishing, knee-deep in the Stilbaai river, savouring slow seaside afternoons, or ambling along coastal paths with Marize and James. 

Intentionality is woven into the fabric of every action. Jacques has never stopped looking at life with the wide-eyed wonder of a child and that is what he brings to every endeavour he pursues. With excellence, with integrity, with an ever-present sense of humour, and with joy, his work persuades you to open your eyes, to see and appreciate that life is utterly and surreptitiously beautiful.